Saturday, November 25, 2006

could it happen ??

It is time to start writing about the season ahead. I need to blog about Toronto FC and the joys and sorrows of supporting a team. I suspect that I could be a fan of the team, the blog would'nt make much sense without that inkling.

I have purchased two season tickets for 2007. Cheap seats. but not the cheapest. I don't see myself as a chanting/singing ultra ( i am a little middle aged for that ), but could become a fan. A Superfan ?, we will have to see.

I am a fan of the game and am slightly acquainted with the MLS. Twice, on visits to Los Angeles, I have attended MLS games. One was at the Rose Bowl and the other at the new HomeDepot Centre in Carson. Yes I understand the arguements about the quality of play with the MLS. I most recently visited England in 2003 and attended a EPL game at the Valley between Charlton Athletic and Manchester City. There is a vast gulf between the quality of play. No question.

But you have to support the local product. Could it happen ?? Can a MLS team with a brand new soccer only stadium connect with the local fans of the game ? Rather than make a prediction- I am willing to buy my ticket and be a witness

I am new to blogging. I am a regular visitor to the Raptorblog for my daily fix. If I can do a tenth of what Scott Carefoot has done with that blog - I will be both thrilled and proud. I also follow the exploits of Charlton Athletic in the EPL through a number of blogs. I hope to fashion something that is informative, entertaining and a way to follow the team and enjoy the season. A good blog should be as much fun as a conversation of informed fans in a pub. With that in mind.......


Mark Kennedy